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7″ 11″ Articulating Magic Arm Hot Shoe Mount


Product Description :

This Magic Friction Arm can help you easily attach accessories to your camera or rig.
Ideally used to mount monitor, LED light, LCD monitor, sound recorder and other video accessories that weigh under 1kg/2.2lbs to your DSLR camera, HDSLR camera,rail rod or shoulder mount rig.

Product Features :
1. Articulating design, with one knob(one tightening screw) locks all 3 joints (two balls and one friction).
Loosen the screw, move all three joints into whatever position you want.
2. precise and durable design, adjustable angle and heights.
3. 360° ball heads with ¼” threads for versatility options.
4. It’s easy to mount, place and adjust any on-camera lighting and other accessories.


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