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Brilliant 650 High Power LED Video Light


Model : HP 650 (High Power LED video light)

Product Description

Brilliant High Power (HP) LED video lights are designed for professional videography use. In each package, there is a lightweight yet powerful Li-Ion battery and a powerful light head with 4 powerful LEDs. It can provide a light weight and long lasting light source for everyday professional use. This series of LED lights is especially suited for weddings and events coverage.

Product Specifications

Weight : 1.3kg (including batteries)
Power level : 2 levels (half and full power)
Color Temp. : 5600K / 3200K
Angle of illumination : 60o
Battery : Replaceable 4000mAh Li-Ion battery
Charging time : 3hrs
Usage time : 2.5 / 5hrs (full / half power)

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