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Brilliant Rectangular 16W CRI93 Bi-Color on-Camera LED Video Light


This light is a filling light for your photography. It is made of 148pcs lamp beads, featuring brightness (P0-P10-P100) and
color temperature adjustable (3200 to 5600K). You can press multi-function button to know your the battery status (“E00” to “E10”).
You can also set it on the light stand or a tripod by its side 1/4” screw hole. It is designed with a dual power system, Sony NP-F
series battery or DC (6.8-12) power adapter.
1. Brightness and color temperature adjustable: brightness adjustable between P0-P10-P100; color temperature adjustable from
3200 to 5600K
2. Dual power system: Sony NP-F series batteries or 6.8V to 12V power adapter (not included)
3. Designed with a cold shoe for you to connect it with your camera or camcorder, or you can also set it onto light stand and tripod
by the 1/4” screw hole on its side.
4. There is a straightforward power testing direction for you to know your battery status. When you press the multi-function button,
you can see battery displaying changes from “E00” to “E10”. “E00” means you have already used out of battery and your light will
be closed automatically once it appears on the screen. “E1” tells time for charging battery. “E10” says that the light is full of battery.
Available battery: Sony NP-F series
DC Voltage: 6.8V-12V
Lamp beads: 148pcs
Voltage consumption: 16W
Dimension: 288*148*28mm
Color Rendering Index: 93+
Color temperature: 3200K-5600K
Connecting port: 1/4” screw hole; cold shoe
Weight: 360g

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