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Flexipod Series Desktop Tripod (DG-2010, DG-2020, DG-2030)


Small size, compact design and handy.

The Flexipod Series is the ideal choice when on business travel, outdoor adventures, or family trips. It is perfect for most compact cameras up to 0.8kg to 2.0kg (depending on model) by mounting to the standard ¼-inch digital cameras, GoPro devices, and smartphone adapters (not included)The flexible legs allow you to take shots from all angles in any place and any object making this accessory unique. It is a must-have, take-along accessory. The flexible legs allow users to wrap it around trees, poles or other surfaces that require hard to reach or certain camera angles. It is especially useful for time-lapse videography!




  • Max. Height 170mm
  • Net Weight: 100g
  • Max. Load: 0.8kg


  • Max. Height 250mm
  • Net Weight: 250g
  • Max. Load: 1kg


  • Max. Height 300mm
  • Net Weight: 380g
  • Max. Load: 2kg