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Godox AD-H600 Hand-Held Extension Head for AD600 AD600M Flash Strobe


Product description :

Description Godox AD-H600B Flash Light Lamp Head allows you connect the AD600B/AD600BM Flash Head and body separately, and enjoy the AD600B/AD600BM Flash all features on the body which hold on a shoulder pocket bag.

Product Features :
– Godox H600B Bowens Mount Flash Head, especially design for Godox AD600B TTL Flash and AD600BM Manual Flash.
– Off-Camera Flash Light Lamp Head, it allows you hold the flash head in hand without to bear too much weight of the AD600B/AD600BM Flash.
– Ideal choose for outdoor photography and studio photography.
– Support other Bowens mount AD600B/AD600BM Flash Accessories.

Package Content:
1 x Godox AD-H600B Portable Flash Head

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