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Godox FPT-60 Studio Foldable Portable Photo Shooting Table 60x130cm / 24″x51″


Product Description :

This Godox 60x130cm foldable photo table is suitable for all level photographers from amateurs to professionals and provides a perfect solution for small or medium size products shooting.
It is easy to be assembled and disassembled with great convenience, rapidity and portability. It can be lit from below for its translucent PVC board with excellent transmittance. It comes with Non-reflective neutral on one side so as not to cause reflections on your products, translucent surface on the other side to create light reflection effect. The back frame of the photo table is 90°-180° adjustable, achieving creative light effects easily. The special design allows you to add clips to the edges of the table for extra props, such as you can change the background color by using different color backdrops.

Product Features :
1. Good quality and long lasting ability.
2. Smooth surface and real anti-reflective and non-creasing background.
3. Double side PVC panel (glossy & frosted)
4. Soften lighting to reduce overexposure and hot spots.
5. Translucent material provides perfect side lighting, backlight and under lighting.
6. Creative unibody design enables it to be folded in a bundle, portable and greatly saving space.
7. Simple instructions and easy to assemble or disassemble, improving shooting efficiency with less time and energy.

Product Specifications :
Model: FTP-60
Bracket Material: Aluminum
Max Bracket Load: 30 kg
Panel Material: PVC
Panel Size: 60cm x 130cm
Min working height: 660mm
Max working height: 840mm
Kit Weight: 5.2kg

Package included :
1 x Lightweight Aluminum Bracket Set
1 x PVC Panel
6 x Clamps
1 x Carrying Bag

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