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Godox V1 Flash Bundle

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  1. Godox V1 Round Head Flash:
    Offering a powerful 76Ws output along with a distinct design, the Godox V1 Flash is an advanced light source with features that clearly reflect the current state of the industry. This flexible on-camera light is distinguished by its round head, which provides soft, smooth light with gradual fall off that augments the flattering output. The head rotates 330 degrees, tilts -7 to 120°, and has a magnetic surface for lightning-fast attachment of Godox’s accessory light modifiers.The V1 is powered by a removable 2600mAh lithium-ion battery that will give you up to 480 full-power flashes on a charge, so you don’t miss any of the action. Speaking of speed, the V1 recycles to full power in just 1.5 seconds, fast enough to keep up with your subject. It also supports High Speed Sync up to 1/8000 sec, for managing bright backgrounds and shooting with wide apertures, and the V1 supports front and rear-curtain sync.The V1 has an optical slave but it’s also got a built-in 2.4 GHz receiver, which accepts wireless signals from Godox X System transmitters. In fact, you can control up to four wireless groups in a master/slave configuration whereby settings made on the V1 are duplicated on the slave flashes. Other convenience features include an AF assist lamp, a 3200K LED modeling lamp, and a 2.5mm port for cabled triggering.
  2. Godox SGUV6060 Softbox with S2 Bracket:

    Designed for photographers on the go, the S2 Bowens Mount Bracket with Softbox & Carrying Bag Kit from Godox is a compact light modifying system for speedlights and V1 flashes, as well as the larger AD200Pro and AD400Pro off-camera flash systems. You can attach most brands of speedlight flashes onto the back of the bracket either horizontally or vertically, and the S2 bracket also features a removable block for the bigger AD200Pro and AD400Pro flash systems. At the front, a Bowens-compatible speed ring allows you to mount Bowens-mount accessories such as barndoors and snoots to shape and control your light.

    The S2 bracket is compact in its construction and requires no pre-assembly, so it is always ready to go. For adjusting the light direction, the bracket tilts up and down for stepless tilting, and a hole can be found at the bottom for installing an optional umbrella. Included with the product is a 23.6 x 23.6″ collapsible softbox for soft and even lighting and a carrying bag for storage and transport.

    • S2 bracket fits speedlights and V1 flashes
    • Speedlight mount in the unit horizontally or vertically
    • Removable block for mounting AD200Pro and AD400Pro off-camera flash systems
    • Front-facing Bowens-compatible speed ring allows use of Bowens-mount accessories such as barndoors and snoots
    • Stepless up and down tilting
    • Softens and diffuses light
    • Compact system ideally suited for on-location photography
  3. 80cm Carrying Bag:
    Lightweight tripod bag to protect from the damage, scratches and etc.Premium smooth zipper to make it easier to get your tripod in and out, as well as be able to extract the tripodThe fixed shoulder sling and smooth nylon exterior for extra protectionHigh density, closed cell, moisture resistant

    100% brand new and high quality

    Size: 80cm

    Color: black

    Material: nylon

  4. LT-803 Light Stand:
    – Strong, lightweight studio light stand
    – Min height: 810mm
    – Max height: 2000mm
    – Max load: 2.5kg
    – Universal fitment
    – Suitable as reflector holder / stand
    – For studio flash units or continuous lighting

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