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Lantern Softbox 80cm (32in) Bowens Mount


The Lantern Globe is based on traditional Chinese Lanterns; with its translucent white fabric, it is a good choice for illuminating entire rooms with soft, even light. It provides a high key wash of soft, omnidirectional light that ensures a clean, shadow free main light A single globe is an ideal solution for lighting a room whereas the use of several will evenly illuminate an entire scene. 360 degrees of lighting creates a soft natural lighting effect that is great for revealing the gradual skin tone in portraits.

The lanterns feature a unique push down to clip system makes set up and tear down quick and easy. The lantern attaches to your light fixture via interchangeable dedicated Speed Ring Inserts. Use this size for casting omnidirectional lighting for a small to medium-sized conference room or for adding accent lighting in a larger space.

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