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Nanguang CN 600 / 900 / 1200SA Professional LED Light Panel

205.00$ 170.00$

Model : CN-600SA, CN-900SA, CN-1200SA

Pricing : CN 600SA – $170 , CN 900SA – $328 , CN 1200SA – $395
Nanguang CN 600SA, CN 900SA and CN 1200SA are high intensity LED light panels that are highly suitable for outdoor as well as in a studio environment.
The light intensity can be adjusted with the bundled wired dimmer and the color temperature can be switched between 3200K and 5400k, using the provided color filters.

Bundled Accessories:
1 x LED Studio Lighting
1 x Power Adapter for AC 110-240V to DC 12-16.8V with Sony V-Lock Base
2 x Filter Disc Diffuser & Orange

Options Available:
Battery base: V-mount
Dimmer: wired, wireless and DMX
600, 900 or 1200 LEDs


Model CN 600SA CN 900SA CN 1200SA
Power levels Stepless dimmer (0 -100%) Stepless dimmer (0 -100%)
Weight (excludes battery) 130g 250g 320g
LED power consumption 36W 54W 72W
Panel size 41cm x 45cm 46cm x 45cm 51cm x 45cm

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