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NG-T3220 4730 Professional Portable LED Studio Lighting Case


Product Description :

Using the left, the right, three positin light design, so shoot more three-dimensional objects , high-quality reflective material, not only do the same time make full use of bright light is also very soft .
Folding design, more convenient placement and housing background paper, while the protective effect of the background paper.
Using the most suitable digital cameras led light source, WYSIWYG , shooting directly visible.
Configuring five colors background paper, to meet the needs of different shooting background.


Product Specifications :

  • Model : NG-T3320 ($150), NG-T4730 ($180)
  • Power Supply : AC-220V-240V, AC-240V
  • Color Temperature : 5600K, 5600K
  • Maximum width of shooting object : 20cm, 30cm
  • Set up size (cm) : 32 x 32 x 37, 47 x 47 x 53
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