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Professional Air Cushioned Light Stand LS-806A for Studio Photography


For a complete lighting setup

With this light stand, you are perfectly equipped for many lighting setups: with the help of the tripods, you can create a complete lighting setup, e.g., a main light, a highlight, and a hair light.

Excellent workmanship and flexibility

You can mount studio flashes or reflectors up to a weight of 6kg each on these very well-processed and stable tripods. The shock absorbers ensure the necessary safety when lowering the tripod elements individually. With the standard spigot connection 5/8 inch with a 1/4 inch thread, the studio tripods are suitable for all common studio lights and studio flashes. Due to the quick-release fasteners you can readjust the tripods within seconds and adjust them to your requirements at all times.

Compact and lightweight

The tripods are very compact and portable at a weight of only approx. 2-2kg and a transport length of approx. 109 cm each. Due to its compact transport size they are particularly easy to stow away and transport. For this reason they are also very well-suited for smaller studios. That way plenty of space remains for other equipment. A transport bag is included for each tripod.


– ideal for complete lighting set up with main light, highlight, and hair light
– very sturdy and stable lamp tripods
– shock absorbers in every section
– quickly adjustable due to quick-release fasteners
– need little storage space
– high stability
– max. load capacity: each approx. 6kg

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