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Tri-flector holder with 3 panel portrait triflector Beauty Fashion Photography


Product Highlight:

  • Three double-sided Foldable Reflectors, each in silver/gold.
  • Side Reflectors each are 80cm in diameter and the centre reflector is 55cm in diameter.
  • Quick and easy Set-Up
  • Ideal for Portrait and Beauty Photography
  • Box Content: Tri-Reflector Arm Bracket x 1, 55cm Silver/Gold Reflector x 1, 80cm Silver/Gold Reflector x 2

Product description:

Widely used in the Beauty and Fashion industries, the Tri-Reflector will add a little something extra to your portrait photography. It consists of a hinged bracket arm, and 3x reversible Silver/Gold reflectors (1x 55cm, 2x 80cm), which mount to any standard light stand (sold separately). The Hinged bracket enables you to angle the three reflectors on any configuration you want to, to achieve different lighting effects. Whilst the Tri-Reflector can be used as a part of lighting setup you like; it works best when it is used as part of a Clamshell lighting set-up. It is designed to reflect light some of the light coming from the key light above to fill in the shadow under your subject’s chin, and to create distinctive catchlights in the eyes of your subject. Each of the three reflectors feature a Silver side and a gold side. The silver side will give you a cooler, more neutral fill, and the gold side will produce a warmer fill light. The  Tri-Reflector is the perfect addition the arsenal of a Beauty/Fashion photographer, or a portrait photographer who would like to add something different to their portrait photos. Please Note: Stand is not included.

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