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Wheels pulley Universal Folding Camera Tripod Dolly Base Stand


Product Features :

This tripod dolly is an excellent dolly for use with your professional camera and video tripods, light stands and background stands.

The tripod dolly is basically the same thing as a tripod with additional feature of having wheels attached at the base of it.

The wheels makes it much easier to create a smooth moving shot while adding the freedom to move the tripod around with ease.

This is a very convenient way of using any tripod and easily maneuver it without having the hassle of having to carry it wherever you go.

The adjustable foot locks also allow you the benefit to lock the wheels in place.

Product Specifications :

Folds down : 57cm/ 22.5″

Weight : 2.4KG/ 5.3lbs

Measurement of wheels (Dia) : 3/4″

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