Godox AD200Pro Bundle with Accessories

Godox AD200Pro Bundle with Accessories

Godox AD200Pro Bundle with Accessories

Godox AD200Pro Bundle with Accessories

Godox AD200Pro Bundle with Accessories
Godox AD200Pro Bundle with Accessories
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Godox AD200Pro Bundle with Accessories


Godox AD200Pro Bundle with Accessories

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1. Godox AD200Pro Pocket Flash Kit:

Maximum Watt/Seconds:200
Compatibility:TTL with Canon, Nikon, Sony cameras with optional X1-C, X1-N, and X1-S transmitters
TTL with Olympus, Fujifilm cameras with optional X1T-O and X1T-F transmitters
Control:Manually on unit
Via X1 Transmitter which will Wirelessly Control:
Flash Mode: TTL, Manual, Multi (Stroboscopic), Power Level
Modeling Lamp On/Off, Beeper on/off
First and second curtain sync, High Speed Sync
Guide Number:At Full Power:
Speedlight Flash Head: 170.6′ / 52 m ISO 100 @ 35 mm
Bare Bulb Flash Head: 197′ / 60 m ISO 100 with AD-S2 reflector @ 28 mm
Color Temperature:5600K (±200K)
Recycle Time:0.01 to 2.1 Seconds
Flash Duration:Speedlight Flash Head at T0.1: 1/220 to 1/15,380 Second
Bare Bulb Flash Head at T0.1: 1/220 to 1/13,510 Second
Flash Variability:9 Steps: 1/256 to 1/1
Flash Delay:Yes, 0.01 to 30 Second
Flash Modes:Wireless Off: Manual/Multi
Wireless Radio On: TTL/M/Multi Stroboscopic: up to 90 times (99 Hz)
Modeling Light:Uses Speedlight Head: Auto turn off after 30 minutes
Sync Mode:High-Speed Sync up to 1/8000 Second
First Curtain Sync and Second Curtain Sync
Flash Exposure Compensation:±3 Stops in 1/3 Stop Increments
Flash Ready Indicator:LED, Beep
Flash Hibernates Automatically After 30 Minutes of Non-use
Built-in Slave Cell:S1 and S2 Optical Slave Modes
2.4 GHz Radio System
Wireless & Radio Specifications:Function: Slave or Off
Channels: 32
Groups: 5 (A, B, C, D, E)
Range: 328′ / 100 m
Mounting:1/4″-20 Female Threads
Fan Cooled:No
Replaceable Flashtube:Yes, in Bare Bulb Head
Connectors:3.5 mm Sync Input
Wireless Control Port
USB Port
Battery:Lithium, 14.4 V / 2900 mAh
Power remaining indicator
Number of Flashes @ Full Power:500

2.Godox AK-R1 Accessory Kit:

Godox AK-R1 Accessory Kit for H200R contains magnetically-attached modifiers that maximize the capabilities of the head. The kit contains a snoot, four-way barndoors, and a honeycomb grid to narrow the light’s beam and selectively light your subject. Conversely, a near-180-degree dome, a wide lens, and a bounce card with a frame are provided to expand the beam. Finally, a filter set with three amber CT filters and one green fluorescent filter are also included.

3. Godox H200R Round Flash Head:

The 3″ diameter head attaches quickly and easily to the AD200, allowing it to tap into its 200Ws reservoir of power, while the H200R’s spiral flash tube outputs a soft, wide beam of light with gentle falloff and a minimized hot spot. The head also has a 4.3W modeling light to allow you to preview your final shot. One of the head’s handiest features is a magnetic front accessory port that allows very fast attachment of optional accessories such as barndoors, a honeycomb grid, a snoot, and diffusion and color filters.

4. Flash Head:

Maximum Power:200 Ws
Exposure Control:Manual
Accessory Fitting Type:Proprietary

Modeling Light:

Wattage:4.3 W

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